Lincoln Public Schools

Creating the LPS Wellness program

Helping to create the Wellness Facilitator position at Lincoln Public Schools was a high priority project for Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln. We launched a fundraising campaign to create the position and fund it for at least 3 years in an effort to make Lincoln Public Schools the healthiest school district in the state. The effort was a success and Michelle Welch, RD, LMNT was hired in August 2011.

Lincoln Public School Wellness Program

In the LPS Wellness program, we, in the Lincoln public school system, focus not only on students, but staff, and families as well.  Our quarterly wellness challenges create a culture of wellness that benefits everyone.  To learn more about wellness challenges, contact Michelle Welch, Lincoln Public Schools Wellness Coordinator, via email at or by phone at 402-436-1728.  You can also follow us on Follow LPS Wellness on:   Facebook    and   Twitter

Goals of LPS Wellness:

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