Positivity Matters

Positivity Matters
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Generating kindness and connectedness. Positivity Matters designs and implements community-level experiences inspired by research from positive psychology - the scientific study of what makes life worth living: strengths, playfulness, purposefulness, positive emotion, aesthetic experience, knowledge (theoretical and practical), engagement, and good relationships.

Four aspects of Positivity Matters:

1. We host Positivity Matters Meetups :

What: A discussion group to explore the practical application of positive psychology to daily living.
When: Fridays from 12-1pm
Where: Indigo Bridge Books | 701 P St
Free and open to the public. All are welcome!

2. We host quarterly community forums that focus on the drivers of positive community development.

3. We host a radio show, Community Matters, every Monday from 11:30am-noon central time on KZUM | 89.3 FM

4. We partner with organizations to create positive community experiences based on research from the field of positive psychology.

Podcasts of previous episodes.