Malone Center

The Malone Community Center was founded in 1955 through a reorganization of the Lincoln Urban league. The League founders were determined to improve social and economic conditions and increase understanding between all races.

Initially founded during a time in our history when civil rights for African American were extremely limited, the league founders, both black and white, were determined to improve social and economic conditions and increase understanding between all races. They believed that enhanced understanding between all groups of people would create a better community.  For decades the Malone Center has served neighboring families, youth, seniors and the Lincoln community with inclusive, social, cultural, educational, employment and welfare services. Mr. Clyde T. Malone was the Executive Director of the Lincoln Urban league following Mr. Millard Woods, our founder. When the Board of Directors decided to withdraw from the Urban League and become a more locally focused agency, we became known as the Clyde Malone Community Center.

We are named after Clyde Malone because of his hard work and dedication to this agency. Today, the vision of the Malone Community Center is to create a community where every person develops to their full potential. The Malone Center presently administers or sponsors six programs. These are our Out-of-School Program, the lead agency for two Community Learning Centers, a Senior Program, a Health Outreach Program, a Talented Tenth Program and Domestic Violence Project. The Malone Center has for years sponsored an Annual Juneteenth Celebration. June 19, 1865 is considered the date the last slaves in America were freed. Although rumors of freedom were widespread prior to this, the actual emancipation did not come until General Gordon Granger sailed into Galveston Harbor, Texas and issued General Order No. 3 on June 19, almost two and half years after President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. The Malone Center has sponsored this celebration to remember this important event in the history of this country. The Malone Community Center is funded from various federal grants, foundations and donor contributions. For more information regarding the Malone Community Center, our programs, and how you can support us, please check out our website.